Caught in the Act is a thrilling game of espionage and evidence-gathering to be played by 3-9 people in a bar setting.


  1. The Heist Crew is planning a heist that's going down in 10 minutes.
    Goal: complete 3 (and only 3) of your 5 missions without being detected.
  2. The Security has that time to identify the specific missions to foil the heist.
    Goal: at game end, correctly identify which of the 3 missions the Height completed.
To start:
  1. Split up into 1 security for every 2 heist crew.
  2. Security leaves for 2 minutes while Heist chooses 3 of the 5 missions to do.
  3. Heist team "locks in" their choices by clicking each one in the list.
  4. Heist team will receive a letter a-z, and tells the letter to security. Security enters that letter.
  5. Heist must collectively perform those 3 missions in 10min without getting spotted.
  6. After 10 minutes, Security must identify the 3 missions done to foil the heist.

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Heist Security
Choose and press 3 tasks.
Give this letter to the security:
Enter the letter a-z the heist team gives you: